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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Hocker

Jacob Hocker is a guy who wears many “hats” at Topline Steel Buildings. We’re not talking about baseball caps or hunting hats (although he’s worn those too). We’re talking about work hats, as in “professional identities.” As a part-owner (along with brother Luke and father Kim), Jacob Hocker (also known as “Jake”) is involved with all aspects of the business. He works in customer service, contractor sales, inputs building orders and submits them to the factory for fabrication. He’s actually involved with every sale that comes through Topline Steel. As you can see, Jacob Hocker is a pretty busy guy!

Jake likes that Topline Steel Buildings is a smaller company that doesn’t have all the problems found in giant corporations. The intimate work environment allows Jake to be involved in every phase of the company day-in and day-out. Even though he’s a company owner, Jake feels no separation from clients or employees. In this way, he’s able to maintain the personal touch that makes Topline Steel so successful. That’s because we treat clients just like family. Speaking of “family,” Jake also enjoys working with his dad and brother. The Hockers actually started as competitors in the steel building industry, but soon joined forces at Topline Steel….the rest is history!

Jake has a background in sports (like his brother) and so he gets a little competitive with the company sales board. There’s nothing Jake likes more than winning over a client who’s being courted by a swarm of other contractors. “Our sales team is one of the best in the industry,” says Jake. Topline Steel actually sells significantly more steel buildings than other companies with sales teams twice the size of Topline’s. Jake feels the reason why we have so much repeat business is because of our unmatched customer service. The team goes above and beyond to help clients even after the building is constructed. “We fix any issue,” says Jake. “Customers always remember it as a positive experience and how we went out of our way to help.” That’s the way Topline Steel Buildings does business. Call Jake and see for yourself!

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