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Metal Prefab Building — Better Buildings from Topline

Topline’s Metal Prefab Buildings
Not all buildings are created equal. At Topline Steel Buildings, we pride ourselves on producing the best Metal Prefab Buildings on the market.

Let’s take a look at the difference of Topline Steel Buildings:

Their buildings may be prone to buckling… A Topline Metal Prefab Building is made from 100% American Steel—the strongest industrial grade steel in the world. What’s more, it’s produced with 100% American labor. With Topline Steel Buildings, you get superior steel built by an American workforce. We are also backed by industry best warranties (40 years on paint, 25 years on panels, and a lifetime on steel-capped fasteners).

Their buildings may cause problems with building codes… Every Topline Metal Prefab Building meets or exceeds the building code for every US state and for the nation of Canada. Our engineers design Topline Steel Buildings to handle the snow loads of the north, the winds of the Midwest, the driving rain of the east, and the seismic activity of the west. If it’s a Topline Steel Building, it will survive the ravages of nature as well as the scrutiny of legal codes.

Their buildings may have alignment issues in the erection process… Topline uses precision software and the most sophisticated automation to ensure that every bolt hole is precisely drilled and every purlin is properly shaped. Also, the erection of a Topline Metal Prefab Building requires nothing more than assembly. You don’t run into the surprising cost increases that plague brick and mortar building projects. With a Topline Steel Building, you can control costs and keep your project on schedule.

At Topline, we love what we do and look forward to building with you on your next project. Feel free to contact us through our website or simply pick up the phone.

2 responses to “Metal Prefab Building — Better Buildings from Topline

  1. I’m looking at various companies for quotes on a 50′ x 100′ x 16′ insulated building with 3/12 pitch and four 14 x 14 insulated doors (2 located on each gable ends) two walk through doors (1 on each gable ends). color of building would be either a grey, blue or brown with offsetting color trim and wainscoting
    please provide me a quote having it fully assembled not including concrete costs

  2. I need to know how much as building it will cost me to put up I look for 40 50 14 0r 16 h. look for a building 52 40 14 this I just wanted roof .

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