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Steel Riding Arena

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Horse Riding Arena? Steel Riding Arenas Can Save You Money.

Topline’s covered steel riding arenas are far more cost-efficient than you might think and have many advantages over traditional arenas. Here’s why:

  • steel riding arenaWood and pole barns contain beams and walls that are prone to insects, weather, mold/rot, and other damage. Maintaining and correcting these issues are expensive in the long run.
  • Steel horse riding arenas are made with more energy-efficient material that’s fire and weather-resistant. It also requires far less maintenance – saving you money on costly fixes and upkeep.
  • Pre-fabricated steel arenas can be completed twice as fast as traditional wood or brick structures. Time is money!
  • Covered riding arenas have no columns and provide a comfortable open, yet protected area to riders and horses from the elements and vermin. Spectators always have a great view, too!

Whether your new steel riding arena is for personal or competitive use, ample time will be spent time in it. While we’d never want to steal the show from horses, we would love to provide you with a steel riding arena that’s aesthetically enjoyable as it is comfortable for riders and horses. Get your free quote on a custom steel riding arena today!