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Metal Building Factory Capabilities

The manufacturing facility we do business with is one of the most sophisticated in the metal building industry. The engineers, advanced computer technologies, and precise machinery exemplify the commitment to quality Topline Steel Buildings upholds.

Drafting and Detailing

When it comes to drafting and detailing, we make use of the best minds and most innovative technology in the business. Our expert staff of engineers and draftsmen will design your building to meet or exceed local US metal building codes (including snow load, wind speed, and seismic requirements).

These Topline Steel Buildings experts utilize advanced CAD-CAM software created exclusively for the metal buildings industry. Also, stamped and certified permit drawings can be provided for every state in America including Hawaii and Alaska.

NOTE: Foundation drawings are not included; however, they are available for a small fee from an outside concrete engineering firm. If full-scale calculations are required, they are available for a small fee.

CNC Technology

Topline’s metal building factory utilizes Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology to create the highest quality secondary steel framing on the market today. The CNC machines use streams of digital information from CAD-CAM outputs.

This information directs the motors and other positioning systems to cut, roll form, and pre-punch bolt holes in steel components – the result is absolute precision. Automated CNC technology enables the steel building factory to produce higher quality components in less time than our competitors. What does this mean to you? A substantial amount of savings.

Girt and Purlin Production

Every girt and purlin is either galvanized or primer coated red or gray to seal the surface of the steel and prevent rust. Unlike other steel building manufacturers, our rust-prevention treatment is standard and you won’t be charged extra. We provide long-lasting buildings without hidden costs upfront.

Welding Department

Our certified welders utilize the latest gas metal arc welding (GMWA) technology. The advanced twin-arc submerged welding system provides us with the capability of manufacturing structural steel components up to 72 inches deep!

This allows us to produce column-free buildings with interiors up to 200 feet wide. For your safety and security, all of our welded components pass strict quality control requirements.

Trim Department

Many steel building manufacturers bend building eaves and trim by hand resulting in poor quality and substandard workmanship. Our trim department utilizes ten specialized roll forming machines to bend and form building eaves and trim.

Most competitors buy gutters and downspouts from other suppliers, which significantly raises the cost to you, the consumer. Because our metal building factory has the machines and technology to manufacture gutters and downspouts, we can strictly control quality, while avoiding the expense of buying components from other suppliers. This means Topline offers you a better building at a lower price.

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