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Topline Steel Buildings is a Family Business

Owned by Kim Hocker and his sons, Lucas and Jacob, Topline Steel Buildings is a family business. In the large conference room at Topline Steel’s main office building, there are two mounted deer heads on the wall with their antlers snarled together. Two large bucks that were found in the wild in the midst of an epic and ultimately fatal battle. Now they’re preserved exactly as they were found — bitter enemies for eternity. Working with family can be difficult, but the fighting bucks on the wall don’t reflect in any way, shape or form the working relationship of the Hocker family. Topline Steel Buildings is a family business and business is good!

All three Hockers are talented professionals who also possess good humor and friendly personalities. And despite working long hours together in the highly competitive field of steel buildings, they get along with each other just fine! The Hockers are a family that works together and plays together. Luke enjoys working with family — in fact, he calls it “interesting” (but in a good way). The relationship is built on mutual trust and a shared respect for each man’s specialized skills. The Hockers never argue about money…ever. They also don’t begrudge one another a day off once in a while. There’s never a question about work ethic, or of someone not pulling their weight. The Hockers rely on each other to get the job done regardless if all three are at the office or not.

As a proud father, Kim enjoys watching his sons grow both as people and professionals. He’s also happy that Luke and Jake joined him in the family business after they graduated college. Topline Steel was a way to bring the entire family together while also maintaining their individuality. Jake believes all three Hockers play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They can be arguing one minute and working on a project the next. It’s just the way a successful family business works. Arguments rarely last long at Topline Steel Buildings — certainly not as long as the bucks in the conference room!

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