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Steel Garages in Omaha, NE

Many people in the Omaha area need more space than their main home building can provide. If you are in this situation, adding a garage could be a good way to increase your living or storage space while potentially also increasing the value of your home. Thanks to efficient steel building methods, adding a garage to your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some uses you might consider for your new storage buildings in Nebraska!

RV Storage

Many Omaha residents own a recreational vehicle, which provides them with an opportunity to travel freely and affordably. Leaving a vehicle out in the hot sun and freezing snow can cause maintenance issues and leave the vehicle and its contents vulnerable to theft, so it’s a good idea to find an indoor space to house your RV. A steel garage is the ideal RV storage space, as it is watertight and secure.


Whether you intend to start a carpentry business from home or simply want a place to tinker without being disturbed, a workshop can be a very welcome addition to your home. Construct a steel workshop and use it to store all your tools and equipment so they don’t clutter up your home. When the urge to create strikes you, close the door of your workshop and enjoy many hours working on your personal projects in privacy and comfort. If you want, you can add heating and lighting to your workshop so that it is comfortable for you to use in all seasons and at all times of day or night.

House Garage

Perhaps your needs are simple: You just want a garage that can house your car and provide storage space for miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t fit easily into your home. In this case, a steel building is the perfect choice. Steel is an affordable and extremely durable building material, so you’re sure to receive a garage that doesn’t break your budget or leave you facing ongoing maintenance issues. At Topline Steel Buildings, we use 100 percent American steel to construct all the garages we make, which means that you can be sure you’re getting the very best quality.

Farm Equipment Storage

Perhaps, like many residents in the Omaha area, you are involved in agriculture. Storing farm equipment outdoors can lead to maintenance issues as rain, snow, sun, heat and cold can all affect the operation of specialized machinery. Ensure your farm equipment stays safe by erecting a steel structure that can protect it from the weather. A steel garage also provides protection against theft, which can be a major concern for some farmers. Some agricultural equipment costs thousands of dollars to replace, so it’s important to store it somewhere safe.

Steel Garage

Whatever your reason for wanting to add a steel garage to your property, Topline Steel Buildings can help. We have many years of experience of constructing steel storage buildings in Nebraska (including the Lincoln and Omaha area!) and are able to take on almost any project, no matter how big or small it may be. Thanks to the beneficial properties of steel as a building material, we are able to construct steel garages of almost any size or shape. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs or design ideas. Topline Steel Buildings is ready to help you out.

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