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Steel Buildings as Sporting Facilities in St. Louis, MO

If you need to construct sporting facilities in St. Louis, MO, there are many reasons why you should consider using steel buildings in your construction project. Whether you need to construct facilities for horse racing, swimming, hockey, soccer or another sport popular in Missouri, a metal building can provide the durability and performance you need.

Steel Buildings for Horse Racing

Like agricultural steel buildings, structures created for the purpose of horse racing need to be designed with animal welfare in mind. Steel buildings can provide a weatherproof shelter for race horses and their trainers, allowing them to prepare for races. We can even construct a riding arena that gives horses the space to move around, as steel is very suitable for constructing huge buildings with widely spaced supports. With years of experience of constructing agricultural steel buildings in St. Louis, MO, Topline Steel Buildings is your perfect partner in the construction or renovation of your horse racing facility.

Steel Buildings for Swimming

Swimming is fantastic exercise for people of all ages and abilities, but during the Missouri winter, swimming can be a chilly way to spend your time. Construct steel buildings around your pool to protect people from the weather and give swimmers a sheltered and private place to change. Unlike some other building materials, steel isn’t particularly vulnerable to water damage, which makes it the perfect choice of material for the construction of a sporting facility devoted to swimming.

Steel Buildings for Hockey

Hockey is a popular sport in St. Louis, MO, with the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club drawing in crowds from all over the area. Pay homage to this tradition and allow the next generation of hockey stars to train by constructing a steel sporting facility devoted to hockey. Topline Buildings can help you create a design that meets the needs of your team and will serve you well for many years to come.

Steel Buildings for Soccer

Soccer gives many Missouri young people an early taste of team spirit and sporting achievement. Whether you want your pitch to be used by kids, adult players or both, you’ll need buildings to keep the players warm and dry, and give them somewhere to change.

Steel buildings are the ideal choice, as they typically require very little maintenance and so won’t eat into a limited budget over the lifetime of the sporting facility. Steel buildings can usually be insulated to keep players warm even in the coldest Missouri winter. Protect players, coaches and spectators from the weather and provide a safe place to keep soccer equipment with steel buildings from Topline.

A Missouri Metal Building offers a cost effective, easy to contruct alternative to traditional sturctures in the sports facility industry.

Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and designs, or take a look at our range of versatile prefabricated steel buildings to find what you need. No matter what question you have about using steel buildings in the construction of your sporting facility, we will do our best to provide the answers you are looking for.

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