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Steel Barns — Des Moines, IA

Whether you own a large farm in Des Moines, IA, or simply have livestock on your property, installing a few strong agricultural steel buildings may appeal to you. Topline Steel Buildings can provide you with the structures you need. We build all kinds of steel barns that are perfect for livestock, so just let us know your specific property needs, and we’ll start building your ideal barn.

Steel Horse Barns Last for Years

You need a place to shelter the horses on your Des Moines, IA property, and our durable horse barns do a great job. They are made of steel, which means they withstand all weather conditions for as long as you need them to. We even offer a 25-year warranty on our agricultural steel buildings. So, if you want a structure that you can count on for decades, you need a horse barn from Topline Steel Buildings.

You can choose from several shapes of horse barns, and we’ll also help you choose the right size to accommodate the number of animals you need to shelter. We also can also add optional insulation to ensure your barn stays at a comfortable temperature for your horses.

Durable Cattle Sheds Provide Comfort and Shelter

Your cattle deserve the same levels of comfort and safety your horses enjoy on your Des Moines, IA, property. This is why Topline Steel Buildings is proud to build cattle sheds that have the same durability and insulation options as horse barns.

You can also choose the type, as well as the number of doors and windows you want in the cattle sheds we build for you. We even offer multiple color options when it comes to the panels and trim on any agricultural steel buildings we construct for our customers in Des Moines, IA. After all, your cattle shed will be standing on your property for decades, so it should be both functional and appealing.

Indoor Equestrian Arenas Allow You to Ride Any Time

If you enjoy riding your horses and don’t like the idea of bad weather holding you back, you need an indoor equestrian arena for your home in Des Moines, IA. As you can imagine, this building needs to be spacious, and not every material will be suitable for the dimensions you need. However, steel makes this not only possible but also affordable.

In fact, Topline Steel Buildings range from about 40 feet wide all the way up to 150 feet wide, so you can rest assured your arena will be the right size. Topline also lets you select overhead doors or walk doors, depending on what’s best for your needs.

Livestock Buildings Protect Your Animals

At Topline, our steel buildings have so many options that we are confident residents of Des Moines, IA, can easily find what they’re looking for. Whether you want to shelter your horses, cattle, pigs or other animals, you can count on our livestock buildings to keep them protected and comfortable.

We will build the steel barn that suits your needs as far as size, color, shape and additional features, such as insulation. And, the best part is that you can count on your new barn being ready within weeks of ordering it.

If you’re considering adding a steel barn to your Des Moines, IA, property, contact Topline today to learn more.

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