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Why Choose Topline Steel Barns

Agricultural steel buildings give you a solution when you need horse or cattle shelters in St. Louis, MO. Topline Steel Buildings offers a range of long-lasting steel barns that can meet virtually any agricultural need. Get extra storage or even create your own indoor arena with Topline shelters. Let’s take a closer look at how your St. Louis, MO, property could benefit from agricultural steel buildings.

Tough Horse Barns Start With Steel

Horses are valuable animals, and you need a place to keep them safe. That means you need a shelter that can withstand any weather St. Louis, MO, can throw at you. You also need something with enough interior square footage to handle all of the horses on your property and any tack and supplies needed to keep them clean, healthy and ready to work. Topline Steel Buildings come in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost any size herd, all in a variety of shapes for easy installation on your property. Shield your horses from predators and other dangers with one of these steel barns.

Not only do these prefabricated buildings fit almost anywhere, but they can also match almost any building. You can order custom barns and other agricultural steel buildings specifically to match any other outbuildings on your property. That helps keep your property value high and adds working value to every acre. Your St. Louis, MO, property can be something you’re proud to show off to friends, family, investors, customers or potential business partners.

Cattle Sheds Also Built Strong

Horses aren’t the only large, valuable animals that need shelter. The Topline cattle sheds offer the same steel construction as the horse barns, and enough space to handle a lot of cattle. When you call in the cows at night or to winter over in St. Louis, MO, these cattle shelters can keep your herd safe from wind, rain, freezing cold, snow or the heat. Our basic cattle sheds offer reasonable shelter, and you can add insulation and climate control, if needed.

One of the biggest benefits to using Topline steel agricultural buildings is the fast construction time. You don’t need to wait months as you put together a barn using traditional construction. Instead, you can have cattle sheds ready to use in just a few weeks. Quick, easy and durable construction on all our steel agricultural buildings makes Topline the first stop for St. Louis, MO, residents.

Equestrian Arenas Provide All Season Training

Training your horses in St. Louis can mean taking a break during the worst winter weather or during rainy days. Indoor equestrian arenas solve the weather problem. The tough trade is often the cost and time of construction. When you need an equestrian arena quickly, Topline Steel Buildings can help.

We can install a building that meets your needs, quickly and at an affordable price point. You get a custom building designed to fit your space and match your existing buildings, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood construction.

Livestock Buildings for All Farm Animals

No two St. Louis farms are the same. That means you probably have a unique mix of animals that need shelter. Goats, sheep and other animals all do better with a place to get out of the weather. To give you the right amount of enclosed space, we offer a variety of different shapes and sizes in our agricultural steel buildings. Each of our steel buildings can have multiple doors, windows, lighting, insulation and other customized features.

If you need a functioning barn now, not next year, give Topline Steel Buildings a call to discuss your options.

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