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Common Mistakes When Buying a Des Moines Steel Building

Businesses and farms in De Moines, Iowa can’t stop talking about the unique benefits of Topline Steel Buildings! We provide customers with innovative, state-of-the-art structures that are designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. We don’t do anything “half way” at Topline, and we definitely DON’T cut corners. Topline Steel exceeds all expectations in in function, style and durability to give you the steel building you need when you need it!

There are some mistakes that customers make when planning a new Des Moines steel building.

Choosing the Wrong Steel Building

It can be an overwhelming experience planning a giant steel structure. That’s why the experts of Topline Steel are here to help! We help you plan a customized steel building that meets the unique needs of your business or farm. Topline helps Des Moines steel building customers determine the right size and custom options. We also discuss the demands of your operation, and how a structure can increase productivity and grow with your business!

Not Getting an Accurate Quote

Sometimes customers don’t consider the entire cost of a steel building in their budget. Unfortunately, some companies only include the building in the initial quote — doors and custom options are extra! There aren’t any of these unpleasant surprises at Topline Steel. We include the structure, windows, doors, and custom options in your quote, so there aren’t any hidden costs!

Buying “Cheap”

Deals that are “too good to be true” are often just that. Topline Steel offers competitive pricing, and educates customers about standards of quality. “We sell Cadillacs at Chevy prices,” explains Kim Hocker, Co-Owner. “Topline offers high-quality products we’re proud of. If I wouldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t sell it.”

No Building Experience

Having an experienced team is crucial in big projects like this. Our dedicated team is with you for every step of the process. Topline Steel is also an expert in zoning and building requirements. “There are no uniform prices when it comes to steel buildings. I estimate a project based on several complex factors to find the right quote for each client,” says Austin Morgan, Project Coordinator. “A 60’ x 100’ steel building costs more in North Dakota than it does in Texas. You have to design to the specific building codes of the state or county.”

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