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How the Times Have Changed: Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Wichita, Kansas

When I was in high school, my ’71 Dodge Monaco got only 8 to 12 miles per gallon. That’s not great, but it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up the tank. Our school building used asbestos when I was a kid, but none of us knew that was a bad thing. We were also in constant fear that the Soviets would drop a super missile on us at any given time.

Times change, and the world marches on.

We also thought “way back then” that prefabricated metal buildings all looked the same. There was the thought that they were ugly and of poor quality. There might have been some truth to that line of thinking at the time.

Topline Steel Buildings would love to show you how far the world of prefabricated metal buildings has come since then!

Let’s start with the basics. “Prefabricated” metal buildings means that all the pieces are sent to the construction site. It doesn’t mean “one size fits all” without custom options, style, or design. We are talking about world-class, state-of-the-art, modern buildings. Technology makes a world of difference for steel buildings! Remember your funky Commodore 64 computer? Now look at the iPad you’re using to read this blog. Yeah…it’s just like that.

Each of Topline’s Prefabricated Metal Buildings meet or exceed the building codes of every state in the U.S., as well those of European Nations. Our steel structures are available in a wide range of custom color options for panels, trim, and wainscoting. (Check out our color optimizer!). Topline prefabricated metal buildings are used by almost every industry. Our structures have been used for churches, athletic facilities, school buildings, modern office space, store fronts, agricultural storage buildings, aircraft hangars, and so much more! Topline Steel Buildings is proud to make America a strong and beautiful place for the decades and century to come!

Nothing stays the same.

These days, my children attend a safe school, my car gets 32 mpg, and the international landscape has evolved. My life has changed, and so has my understanding of Prefabricated Metal Buildings. They are durable, cost-efficient and beautiful. Contact Topline Steel Buildings today and see for yourself!

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