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How the Times Have Changed: Prefabricated Metal Buildings for St. Louis, Missouri

Many years ago, when I was just a kid, we were afraid of a Soviet invasion. Even though our school house used asbestos, none us knew to be worried. In high school, my ’71 Dodge Monaco only got 8-12 miles per gallon. Not too great, but at least it didn’t cost a fortune to fill up the tank.

The world turns, and the sands of time slip away.

It was a different world back then. We also had the perception that prefabricated metal buildings were somewhat lacking. They all looked the same, and the quality and craftsmanship was downright ugly.

It’s not like that anymore! Topline Steel Buildings has changed the world of prefabricated metal buildings forever.

We should probably start with some basics. “Prefabricated” doesn’t mean that prefabricated metal buildings all look alike. All that means, is that the parts are shipped to the build site for construction. Steel buildings come in every size and shape imaginable thanks to unlimited custom options. Technology has completely transformed the way steel structures are built. How about a quick example. Remember the Commodore 64 that you used for a computer? Now you have a shiny, new iPad to read this blog. I think you get the picture….

Built to last a lifetime, our Prefabricated Metal Buildings meet all building codes in the United States, as well as those in most European countries. Use our color optimizer and customize the panels, trim, and wainscoting of your building! Topline steel buildings are used by just about every industry. Our structures are used for agricultural storage buildings, aircraft hangars, modern office space, store fronts, athletic facilities, school buildings, churches, and everything else in between. Topline Steel is proud to make America beautiful and strong with every steel structure we create!

Change is a natural part of life.

My world has changed over the years. I have a nicer car with better gas mileage, my children’s school doesn’t have asbestos, and the Soviet Union no longer exists. Another thing that’s changed is how I understand Prefabricated Steel Buildings. These structures are durable, beautiful, functional and cost-efficient. Give Topline a call today and discover how great steel buildings can look!

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