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How the Times Have Changed: Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Des Moines, Iowa

Back when I was a kid, we always worried about the Soviets invading the country. I went to a school that used asbestos, but none of us knew to be worried. As a high schooler, my ’71 Dodge Monaco got 8-12 miles per gallon. Not bad, not great — but at least I didn’t spend a fortune filling up my tank.

Time passes on. The world turns.

We also looked at prefabricated metal buildings differently back then. They didn’t make a good impression. Steel buildings seemed substandard in looks and quality. This may have been a misperception, but not always.

Topline Steel Buildings wants to show you how far prefabricated metal buildings have come since the old days!

Time for some basics. “Prefabricated” doesn’t mean that metal buildings all look the same, or that they are not available in custom options. It just means that all the pieces are shipped to the construction site for assembly. Prefabricated metal buildings are stylish, and come in all shapes and sizes imaginable. The changes to steel buildings are all due to the magic of technology. Remember your old Commodore 64 computer? Look at the iPod you’re using to read this blog. It’s A LOT like that!

Topline’s Prefabricated Metal Buildings meet and exceed building codes in the U.S. and most European Nations. Customers can easily customize the color of panels, trim, and wainscoting by using our color optimizer! There are a wide range of industries that love Topline Steel Buildings. Our structures are used for agricultural storage buildings, aircraft hangars, modern office space, store fronts, athletic facilities, school buildings, churches, and more! Topline steel buildings are made to last a lifetime, and we are proud of the way they make America strong and beautiful!

Change is inevitable.

Nowadays, I have a car that gets 32 mpg, my kids’ school building is safe, and the global landscape has changed. My world has changed, and so have my views of Prefabricated Metal Buildings. They are durable, cost-efficient, stylish and beautiful. Contact the team at Topline Steel Buildings today and start planning your new steel structure!

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