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Choosing the Right Steel Building Contractor

Connecting with the right steel building contractor can make all the difference. There are some steel companies that do the bare minimum during the building process. They use inferior materials, and fail to include every accessory in their original quote. This can result in some unpleasant surprises after your building is constructed. You’re only going to build one large steel structure in your lifetime — you might as well do it right!

The steel building contractors of Topline Steel are here for every step of the process to give you the perfect structure!

Our steel building contractors will first help you determine what type of steel building best suits the needs of your business. “Our job is to educate the customer,” explains Austin Morgan, Project Coordinator. “If you’re not in the steel building industry, there are things you won’t even know to ask. I have to anticipate all customer needs and questions whether they know to ask about them or not.”

Topline Steel’s engineers use the best in sophisticated computer technology and machinery to create every component. Every part is pre-aligned, pre-drilled, and pre-welded to simplify the process. It’s also important to lay down the building’s foundation with dirt work and concrete. “We have an in-house construction division that is more than happy to discuss your construction services and concrete options,” says Lucas Hocker, Co-Owner.

Our steel building contractors make sure every component is shipped on-time to the pre-determined build site. Each client is given easy-to-read blueprints, and an inventory of every piece in case you need a replacement. If you need help erecting your building, we can even put you in contact with a building crew!

The job of a Topline steel building contractor even extends beyond the completion of the project. “Our team goes above and beyond to help clients even after the building is constructed,” says Jacob Hocker, Co-Owner. “We fix any issue. Customers always remember it as a positive experience and how we went out of our way to help.”

Contact the experts of Topline Steel Buildings, so we can start planning your new steel structure. We look forward to working with you!

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