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Modern Uses For Commercial Steel Buildings

At Topline Steel Buildings we are always redefining the possibilities of what commercial steel buildings can accomplish. We’ve built greenhouses, retail stores, commercial storage, and rodeo arenas (among other things). It may come as a surprise, but many of the buildings you walk into each day are made of steel instead of brick, wood, or concrete.

Modern uses for commercial steel buildings that might make you do a double-take!

1. Daycare Centers
Believe it or not, steel buildings are the perfect structures for a daycare center. They are cost efficient, easy to construct, protective, and can be outfitted with all the amenities of a traditional structure. Since steel buildings are customizable, it’s the perfect way to gradually build the center one piece at a time with plenty of opportunity for expansion!

2. Churches
Commercial steel buildings allow a church to grow with its congregation. With fast construction and the ability to build onto existing structures, steel churches are becoming a more popular option because of their versatility. It’s an easy, cost-efficient way to build a sturdy structure that doesn’t sacrifice style, comfort, or quality.

3. Nightclubs
From churches to….nightclubs! Commercial steel buildings are made for just about everything you can possibly imagine. Steel structures have wide open interior spaces without support columns, which creates the perfect space for a dance floor and stage. Choose from a wide selection of insulation and custom options, and let the party begin!

4. Bowling Alleys
Steel structures and bowling alleys go together like PB and J. Wide open spaces, large dimensions, insulated comfort — it’s the ideal space for bowlers of all ages to strut their stuff on the lanes.

5. Office Space
Some people may not think that a commercial steel building can be used as a luxurious modern office. Could they be any more wrong? Steel buildings are constructed faster, have all the modern amenities, and are completely customizable. The Topline Steel headquarters is 4,250 square feet and features natural pecan floors, stone wainscoting, a beautiful conference room, and everything else you would find in a traditional building!

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