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Prepare the Build Site for Your New Steel Building

At Topline Steel Buildings we make the building process as easy as possible. Austin Morgan, our Project Coordinator, makes sure all parts and materials are sent on time to the predetermined build site. We supply easy-to-read blueprints for uncomplicated construction, and will even put you in contact with a trusted building crew if you don’t want to put it together yourself. It takes about 10 days to erect your new steel building. To make things even easier, every part is pre-aligned, pre-drilled, and pre-welded. So how do you prepare your build site before the parts arrive?

Our steel building materials are shipped by large trucks. Make sure there’s a clear path on your property where they have easy access to the build site. Clear away any obstructions and make sure the site is level to assist with easy construction. The steel pieces of your building are going to be heavy. Unless your pal Superman is around to help move the beams and siding materials, you’re going to need a forklift and someone to operate it.

Get your Property Ready for your Steel Building Construction

You’ll be provided with an inventory of all pieces and a blueprint, so you’ll know exactly what you’re working with. This is also beneficial in case any parts become lost or damaged, and you need to order replacements. Topline Steel representatives are always here to answer questions and help with any part of the process. Make sure you store the parts of your steel building in a safe place before and during the construction process. Keep them away from standing water, and store them at an angle so rain doesn’t collect. All pieces should also be out of the way so trucks, tractors and livestock can’t trample your side panels before construction.

Now it’s time to construct your steel building! It’s important to lay down the foundation with dirt work and concrete. Then you’re ready to erect the frames and connect vertical beams with rafters. For more information on preparing your build site, please contact the expert team at Topline Steel Buildings!

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