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Employee Spotlight: Lucas Hocker

Lucas Hocker seems like an easy-going guy. He’s quick with a joke and makes you feel like part of the Topline Steel team whether you work here or not. But make no mistake — Luke is serious about working hard to make sure Topline Steel is among the very best in the industry. Along with his father Kim and brother Jake, Lucas Hocker is one of the owners of Topline Steel Buildings. He coordinates with contractors on upcoming jobs, and handles “complex buildings,” which include buildings with crane systems or canopies, multi-buildings, commercial buildings, and high-complexity buildings. He’s also involved with a wide variety of sales, including machine shops, greenhouses, agricultural buildings and churches. (We like to keep Luke busy!)

What Luke likes the most about Topline Steel Buildings is the dependability of every employee. It’s a strong chain without a weak link in sight. At Topline Steel, everyone knows the business inside-out and has the ability to help any customer. Clients notice the confidence, expertise and teamwork, and it makes them feel comfortable working with the entire Topline team. Luke also enjoys working with family and the mutual respect he shares with Kim and Jake. The biggest satisfaction for Lucas Hocker is a job well-done. Once a project is completed, Luke likes to visit the building to see how everything worked out. He loves seeing how Topline Steel buildings helped make a client’s business successful.

At Topline Steel Buildings, we don’t just sell buildings. “We are designers who show clients the best way to construct buildings,” says Luke. Whether it’s figuring out the complex logistics of a steel chicken building, or designing where doors on a storage unit can best achieve a client’s objectives, Luke likes pushing the boundaries of what a steel building can accomplish. He values quality materials for every project. “The client is doing this project once,” says Luke. “You want to help them do it right. And at the end of the day, they have the structure they’ve always imagined standing there. It gives you a pretty good feeling.” Give Luke a call and see how a new steel building can enhance the way you do business!

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