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Employee Spotlight: Austin Morgan

Around Topline Steel Buildings, Austin Morgan might not be mistaken for the “terminator,” but he’s definitely the “estimator.” So what does that mean exactly? Austin is the Project Coordinator and he makes sure you get the exact steel building you want. He’s also involved with sales, takes care of deliveries, and coordinates shipping. Austin contacts the factory and lets everyone at the construction site know when to expect materials. The “estimator” is also the guy with all the answers. Austin handles blueprint explanation to clients so they know how to construct their building and answers FAQ questions.

Austin Morgan Provides Accurate Building Estimations for our Clients, No Matter How Unique Their Needs

Like everyone you meet at Topline Steel Buildings, Austin Morgan is personable with a good sense of humor and is generous with his time. He’s also a professional who’s dedicated to his craft. There are no uniform prices when it comes to steel buildings, so Austin has to precisely estimate a project based on several complex factors to find the right quote for each client. “A 60’ x 100’ steel building costs more in North Dakota than it does in Texas. That’s where estimation comes in,” says Austin, “You have to design to the specific building codes of the state or county.”

Austin also works extensively with agricultural farmers to help them find long-term saving solutions so they don’t waste any resources. With over 7 years of experience, it’s also Austin’s job to educate the customer. “If you’re not in the steel building industry, there are things you won’t even know to ask,” says Austin. “I have to anticipate all questions and needs of the customer whether they know to ask about them or not.” The aspect Austin likes best about working at Topline Steel Buildings is the opportunity to grow with a growing company. He’s directly involved with every project, and because if this, Austin has a personal vested interest in each project. He sees the rewards with the company as it grows and is tied personally with every success. Give the “estimator” Austin Morgan a call at Topline Steel Buildings and ask him about the estimations of your new steel building!

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