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Our Innovative Residential Steel Buildings

At Topline Steel Buildings, we are constantly redefining the possibilities of what a steel structure can achieve. When most people think of a steel building, they might envision a giant metal barn. While Topline Steel specializes in state-of-the-art agricultural buildings, we also offer the best residential steel buildings in the industry! Topline Steel features several innovative residential steel building types that excel in design, durability, structure, style and functionality.

Topline Steel offers residential steel garages that are sturdy enough to shelter your vehicles from the elements, such as snow, hail and sun exposure. Each of our steel garages are fully customizable and are built strong to last! We also build a variety of metal storage sheds that are ideal for protecting expensive work equipment. If you need your own personal home workshop for special projects, then we have exactly the setup you’re looking for! Topline Steel’s metal workshops are made to order, so you can have everything constructed to your exact specifications.

Residential steel buildings from Topline Steel are constructed twice as fast as traditional brick or wood buildings.

This saves time by giving you a residential building exactly when you need it — not 5 months from now. We also use the best materials in the industry, so your custom residential building is built to last! Contact the expert team at Topline Steel Buildings today, and let’s start talking about the residential steel building that’s best for you!

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