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Employee Spotlight: Cody Schwope

Cody Schwope isn’t just the vice president of Topline Steel Buildings, he also runs our Kansas City office. Cody extends Topline Steel’s personal touch to the Kansas City metro area, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska by acting as an on-site contact. Cody likes how Topline Steel is a family-owned company with all the resources of the industry giants. The size of the company allows for a more hands-on approach. As a result, Cody is able to assist clients during each phase of the project. “From finding materials to the construction process, my job is to educate clients so they can make an informed buying decision.”

It’s this commitment to the needs of customers that has resulted in so many referrals and repeat business for the company. “Anyone can sell a steel building, but we have a more involved method,” says Cody. “Instead of acting like a ‘car salesman,’ we serve as consultants who find the best solutions for a client.”

Cody strives to help a business grow based on a client’s specific needs. Every client is different, and there’s not one catchall solution.  He gets the most satisfaction from helping businesses who are struggling to survive. Topline Steel builds your structure with a plan in mind so “a small business grows into the building as their business grows,” he says. “Other companies have the same clients waste their finite resources on a building with a lot of unneeded bells and whistles.”

To Cody Schwope, it is most important to provide a steel building that caters to the specific needs of every client and becomes an irreplaceable amenity

Being conscientious of clients’ needs also extends through a commitment to only use quality materials. There was a farmer in Tennessee who wanted to cut corners on materials for short-term savings. However, Cody convinced him to construct the building the “right way.” Thanks to the materials Cody selected, this steel building was the lone survivor after a tornado leveled every other structure on the farm. The steel building also saved the farmer’s life.

Cody Schwope also enjoys the diversity at Topline Steel: “One day I’m working with a farmer, and the next day I’m designing an airport hanger or a wedding chapel,” Cody says. “I like meeting clients from all walks of life and forming a relationship.” Give Cody Schwope a call today and begin the conversation!

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