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What Comes with a Topline Steel Building? Doors and more!

Topline Steel takes care of our customers by giving you everything needed to complete your structure. “We often hear, ‘Why does your building cost more than another company’s building of the same size?’” says Lucas Hocker. “I tell them it’s because the other company isn’t selling you any doors or accessories with the quoted price. At Topline Steel, we sell you the entire building.” The price quote from Topline Steel Buildings includes every custom detail you order (especially doors). There aren’t any additional costs for necessities conveniently left off your bill to make a sale. We’re upfront about your quote, never leaving any loose ends or “unfinished business” remaining for future expenses and headaches.

Topline Steel Building Quotes Cover Every Single Element of Your New Steel Building, Detailing the Exact and Accurate Price

Every one of our steel buildings is made to order with full custom options to construct the ideal building for your business or residence. You’ll receive every part of the building and only one accurately quoted price. Unlike other companies, Topline Steel offers our premium insulation options. To properly protect your new structure and its contents, we offer different levels of insulation because we understand each unique building has different insulation requirements. We don’t just include ‘any’ door with our steel buildings, but offer both overhead and walk-through doors! Our doors can be everything from slender 8-foot doors to broad doors measuring up to 36 feet. Every custom door comes with a lock and handle, and can be built with countless insulation, glass and closure options!

Topline Steel Buildings also offers an abundance of special features to assure that you’re getting the best in quality. Every standard Topline steel building includes cable x-bracing to guard against wind damage, as well as life-long rust protection for every base angle, purlin and girt. We also include purlin bearing roof panels, siliconized polyester coating, cylindrical and ridge vents, sky and wall lights, gutters, and galvanized girts, purlins and c-sections.

Does all of this sound great to you, even though you would rather construct the building yourself? At Topline Steel, we have you covered there also! Each Topline Steel Building Kit is shipped directly to the construction site with every single building component included. An easy-to-use assembly manual is also provided to guide you through constructing your unique steel building from the most basic elements to every customized part. So before buying another building that’s missing every accessory known to man, give the team at Topline Steel Buildings a call!

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