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Topline 100′ x 100′ Metal Hay Barns

Hay is an invaluable food source for livestock, especially during winter when pasture and rangeland is unavailable for grazing. It’s a staple in the diet of all livestock on any ranch or farm. That’s why it’s so important to have a sturdy storage facility that protects the hay supply that your livestock depends on for survival. Topline’s Metal Hay Barns provide the very best storage facilities in the industry with buildings that are both sturdy and spacious.

Don’t Leave Your Hay Outside at the Mercy of Mother Nature, Store it in One of Topline’s Metal Hay Barns to Preserve Your Hay Crop for Winter

Topline’s metal hay barns are built to last, using the highest grade of commercial steel available. Our 100’ x 100’ metal hay barns can withstand a variety of environments from the cutting winds of a Midwest winter, to the snow storms of the East Coast. With Topline, you can be assured that your hay is protected and your livestock will have plenty to eat. We take storage seriously and our expert engineers use premium materials to build you the best facility possible. Topline’s metal hay barns are built fast! There’s no more waiting around for traditional wood or brick construction. We offer easy bolt-together technology to give you a metal hay barn when you need it — not months from now.

Our metal hay barns are entirely customizable giving you a wide variety of lighting, insulation, window, door and color options. The needs of every farm and ranch is unique, and Topline offers smart solutions for your specific storage and spacing issues. Topline stands by every metal hay barn we create, and our 25-year warranty shows you we mean business. Contact our team of experts and let’s start the conversation of how a customizable Topline metal hay barn can help your operation meet its full potential!

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