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Redefining Steel Building Possibilities

When someone says “steel buildings,” what’s your first impression? You might think of a massive steel barn or a building to store farm equipment. That might be the case with other steel building companies, but it’s only the start of what Topline Steel brings to the table. With every project, Topline Steel Buildings is redefining the possibilities of steel buildings and what they can achieve. We are constantly looking toward future innovations that challenge expectations of the industry, and are continually finding unique ways for steel buildings to better help your business and beyond!

We are Continually Expanding our List of Steel Building Possibilities

You know what doesn’t look like a farm building? The offices of Topline Steel Buildings. It looks exactly like a beautiful, modern office building with all the amenities. When you walk in and are given the grand tour, you’re even more amazed to learn it’s a steel building. Most people wouldn’t think such a structure could be possible, but that’s what Topline Steel does. We moved into the new office on October 25, 2013 and couldn’t be happier. The building measures 50’ x 85’ x 14’ and features the following: a custom wrap-around canopy at the main entrance of the building; R40 roof and R25 energy efficient insulation package; Raynor 3″ commercial overhead doors; 4′ stone wainscot around the exterior of the building.

Another way Topline Steel Buildings is redefining steel building possibilities is our work with churches. Many times, small churches don’t have the funds to construct a larger building in the traditional brick and mortar method. Steel buildings are an inventive option for small churches who want to grow, while still receiving high-quality craftsmanship and design. Topline Steel Buildings also builds arenas for horse riding, bull riding, barrel racing, and cutting horses. Yes, our steel buildings are big enough to accommodate equestrian shows and competitions! (This isn’t our first rodeo). With our high-quality construction, expert craftsmanship and creativity, our steel building possibilities are endless. Give us a call and see for yourself!

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