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The Topline Steel Buildings Process

At Topline Steel Buildings, we want to help people save money and live a more productive live. We understand the struggles many Americans go through. At Topline, we put together our steel building kits to do just that. Let us help you with whatever business enterprise you want to undergo. No matter what it is, we have you covered.

The Topline Steel Building Process

When you put your hard earned money into a prefabricated steel building, you will save money and time. A metal building kit from Topline Steel Buildings can be erected two times (more than 50% faster or will take 50% less time to erect) more quickly than any traditional building structure, including wood, concrete or block style buildings. We provide full sets of construction blueprints and an erection manual to provide an easier experience for you.

Our Steel Building Factory

We are fortunate enough to have one of the most sophisticated steel building manufacturing facilities in the industry. This allow us to have the highest quality of steel products.

When it comes to drafting and detailing, Topline Steel Buildings makes use of the best minds and the best technology in the metal building business. Our steel building factory also utilizes Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology to create the highest quality secondary steel framing on the market today. We galvanize every girt and purlin with a zinc coating to seal the surface of the steel and prevent rust.

Topline Steel Building’s welding department is comprised of certified welders that utilize the latest gas metal arc welding (GMWA) technology. The advanced twin-arc submerged welding system provides us with the capability of manufacturing structural steel components up to 72 inches deep!

Topline has a top of the art trim department as well. Many steel building manufacturers bend building eaves and trim by hand resulting in poor quality and substandard workmanship. Our trim department utilizes ten specialized roll forming machines to bend and form building eaves and trim.

If you go with Topline Steel Buildings, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your metal building kit and the whole process behind it. Truly top of the line.

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