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Additional Building Enhancements and Accessories – American Made Steel Buildings from Topline

“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God made a farmer. “

This famous quote from Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech captures the essence of what a farmer is. A caretaker. A hardworking, reliable, and steadfast individual who provides essential products to all of us.

Steel Buildings Engineered for a Lifetime

We here at Topline Steel Buildings know too well how much hard work goes into farming. We want to make it a little easier on you by providing you the best steel buildings to protect your equipment, livestock, automobiles, and more.

Topline Steel Buildings are American made, and engineered for a lifetime. They are made from the highest quality American made steel. We also offer a number of additional building enhancements and accessories. Wall louvers, reinforced translucent skylights, ridge ventilators, stall systems, commercial quality windows, wainscoting, gutters, and downspouts are a few examples.

Overhead Doors

Custom-built to fit your needs, Topline Steel Buildings offers variable sizes on commercial-grade, high-quality Overhead Doors. Widths range from 8′ to 36′ and are available both with and without insulation. Topline Steel Buildings offer one of the only 3″ doors on the market. This correlates to a stronger door and up to an R17 insulation value. Other options and features are available upon request.


Insulation needs vary widely based on climate and building purpose. At Topline Steel Buildings, we understand that and offer three insulation packages to best meet the needs of our customers. *Premium Insulation: this specially designed insulation system fits snugly between purlins to remain compression-free; it gives a finished look to the metal building’s ceiling while providing the roof with a high insulation R-value of up to 40 and the WMP-50 Insulation which has a much stronger and thicker facing than the WMP-VR most other companies offer. Vapor-Lock Composite Insulation: this insulation consists of polyethylene air bubble pockets sandwiched between thick layers of reflective coating.

*WMP-VR Insulation: this traditional fiberglass insulation comes in a range of “R” values.


Walkdoors come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit the specific needs of your new metal building. Our high-quality, insulated doors are available in sizes ranging from 3′x7′ to 6′x7′. Every door comes with lock and handles. Optional glass sizes, closures, etc are available upon request.

With all these additional building enhancements and accessories, Topline Steel Buildings will build the perfect, customized steel building for you. Farmers, let us help make your demanding job a little easier.

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