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The Benefits of Metal Building Kits from Topline Steel Buildings

If you know anything about the crew at Topline Steel Buildings, you’ll know that they’re all about providing customers with the highest quality materials available. It might be standard practice for other steel building companies to “cut corners” or to “take the easy way out,” but you won’t find any of these words in the vocabulary of the Hocker family. When it comes to the construction of your carefully designed steel building, we leave nothing to chance. Our metal building kits contain superior construction materials and an easy-to-use building manual, so you’ll have your new steel building erected in no time!

Each Metal Building Kit Comes With Every Part Required to Erect the Topline Steel Building that Will Change the Way You Do Business

You can be assured that you’re getting a quality product with Topline Steel’s metal building kits. Unlike other steel companies who take components made from various locations and combine them like a “Frankenstein” monster, Topline Steel builds all components in one location for maximum quality control. We have one of the most sophistically advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry. Every part of your new building is designed, cut, and inspected by our expert team of engineers who use the latest in computer technology and precision machinery. Each building is designed to exceed the safety codes established by the U.S. metal building codes. Topline Steel also employs automated CNC technology to produce the best steel components at a much faster rate than other companies. Components are then coated in zinc to help prevent rusting, and feature a 25-year rust perforation warranty. 

After our team assembles all the components, we ship them in one convenient package. Austin Morgan (the “estimator”) makes sure all the materials arrive on time and lets you know when you can expect them at the build site. All of the components in our metal building kits are pre-drilled, pre-welded, and pre-aligned for easy assembly and efficient construction. You’ll also be supplied with a blue-print manual to guide you through the process! At Topline Steel Buildings, it’s our primary goal to have our customers be completely satisfied with our services and final building. Give the Topline Steel team a call for more information about your steel building kit!

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