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Steel Buildings vs. Pole Barns

Why are Steel Buildings Better than Pole Barns?

Sometimes we get in the habit of doing something for so long that we forget there are better ways of getting a job done. Wood pole barns may be the traditional safe choice when it comes to agricultural buildings, but to fully maximize your productivity, it’s time to embrace the benefits of the innovative steel buildings from Topline! From construction materials to storage space, steel buildings are superior to pole barns in every way that saves you money and increases efficiency.

Topline Steel Buildings Will Save You Money with Increased Efficiency Compared to Pole Barns

Steel buildings feature more usable space than pole barns. Due to the limitations of their design and construction materials, pole barns just can’t provide enough usable storage space. Pole barns employ wood “poles,” or beams, that are needed to support the structure. These beams take up valuable storage space and divide the building into inconvenient sections. Steel buildings feature a “clear span” interior, free of supports. This leaves an unobstructed storage area that maximizes your space.

While the maximum width of a pole barn measures only 50 to 60 feet, steel buildings have a maximum width of 300 feet! Offering about six times the possible space, you will be left with more than enough room to store even the largest of modern farm machinery. With a large variety of steel building doors to choose from, we offer options that are both tall and wide enough to provide convenient access for your oversized vehicles and machinery.

Wood Pole Barn Potential Hazards

  • Pole barns are made of wood, which makes them vulnerable to termite infestation and fire hazards.
  • The threat of fire damage results in higher insurance rates that drive up overall costs.
  • Wooden rafters create places for birds to nest, leaving expensive machinery at the mercy of bird droppings.
  • The girts, purlins, and trusses of wood pole barns are also prone to warping and bowing.

Steel Buildings Offer More Security, Strength, and Efficiency Over Pole Barns

  • The durable construction of steel buildings means there’s no danger of warping or bending.
  • Their strong steel frames are resistant to fire and can withstand even the harshest of climates.
  • Steel buildings are also much easier to construct and can be built twice as fast as wood pole barns.
  • This saves you time, material, and money while also giving you a high-quality storage unit.

Isn’t it time you got rid of your pole barn and upgraded to a steel building? Give Topline Steel Buildings a call at 1 (800) 369-3882 or get an online quick quote now!

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