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Building a Topline Steel Buildings in the Midwest

The reputation of Topline Steel Buildings reaches to both coasts of the United States and extends across the sea. Topline builds superior steel buildings using the best materials in the industry for both the domestic and international markets. We have never forgotten our Kansas roots, however, and Topline remains an institution in the Midwest.

Topline Provides Agricultural Farmers with Steel Buildings that are Built to Last a Lifetime!


Seventy-five percent of Topline’s clientele are agricultural farmers. The farming community depends on our buildings to help maximize productivity, while giving them long-term savings. Every farm is unique and has different requirements in order to succeed. Wheat farmers need space to safely store expensive machinery such as combines, harvesters, and air seeders. Other farmers need space to keep livestock, hay, and tractors under one roof. Our steel buildings can be customized to fit your exact needs. Whether you need large doors for easy access to machinery or inventive storage options, We have what you need to take care of business!


Topline Steel Buildings are made to order! We have everything from expansive agricultural steel buildings to smaller storage barns. The steel buildings of Topline Steel are also built twice as fast as traditional structures. This means you have the building you need right away, not 9 months into the future.


The weather in the Midwest is all about extremes. Winters are dangerously cold with wind chills that dip well below freezing. Heavy snow and ice storms are also a common occurrence. Summers are scorching hot with storms that produce hail, driving rain, lightning, and tornados. Our buildings are made to withstand all the elements — even tornados. The farm of one of our clients was leveled by a tornado. The only surviving structure was his steel building from Topline. Our buildings are made to last a lifetime and can handle whatever the Midwest throws at them.

Please contact the experts at Topline Steel to learn more about how our steel buildings can help Midwest farmers succeed in their business!

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