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Custom Steel Buildings That Work for Omaha, NE

Commissioning a custom steel building ensures that your Omaha, NE, business will have the exact space it needs to thrive. Rather than forcing your business to conform to an existing floor plan or building, choosing a custom building ensures that every detail fits your company’s needs. Not only can you choose the color and size of the building, but you can choose the doors, windows, insulation, and lighting that make financial and operational sense for your business.

Custom Steel Warehouses

Steel buildings are ideal for warehouses because you can skip installing columns or interior walls in buildings up to 200-feet wide, which allows you to fully use the space inside the building. Steel is also highly durable, requires little maintenance, and will not combust. Topline Steel Buildings further increases the longevity of your building by galvanizing or priming every surface to protect against rust at no extra charge.

Customizing a steel building ensures that your structure can support highly specialized inventory management in the most productive way possible. You can efficiently route deliveries, shipments, and workers to avoid bottlenecks and safety concerns. Once designed, the components of your custom building are manufactured using top-of-the-line technology to deliver exceptional quality and precision.

Customized Machinery Storage

Machinery costs are easily the most expensive part of a business, so consider choosing 100-percent American-made steel to protect your equipment from the elements. No matter the size, shape or purpose of your equipment, a customized steel building can easily accommodate your company’s needs. A steel building can also be erected much faster than similar buildings made from wood, for example. And unlike other companies, Topline Steel Buildings manufacturers its own gutters, downspouts, and trim. That’s how Topline Steel Buildings can offer your company better quality at a lower price than many Omaha, NE, competitors.

Custom Steel Livestock Shelters

Extreme weather conditions are common in Omaha, NE, and many of these challenges can affect livestock. By choosing a steel livestock structure, you help protect your livestock from fire, wind, rain and snow. If you’re considering replacing existing wood structures, your insurance company may offer a discount for switching to steel.

By customizing steel livestock shelters, you can design a building specifically created to keeping your animals healthy and your investment secure. Made-to-order shelters can also be fitted with insulation to keep your animals warm during the winter. Once Topline Steel Buildings understands exactly what you want, our engineers will create a building that meets the wind speed, seismic and snow load requirements of Omaha’s building codes.

Agricultural Storage Buildings

Agricultural steel buildings in Omaha, NE, offer a cost-effective way to store and protect the essentials of farm life. Wooden barns may be picturesque, but they don’t offer the same level of durability, strength and fire resistance that steel buildings can provide. Also, when compared to wood, block or brick, steel can cost up to 60 percent less and comes with a 25-year warranty. Custom steel buildings also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40-feet to 60-feet wide structures for small farms to buildings for larger operations that can reach 150-feet wide.

Topline Steel Buildings offers customizable steel buildings that can house your inventory, office, agriculture supplies, livestock, machinery or other goods. To learn more about our customized building options in Omaha, NE, or to get a free quote, contact us by calling 1 (800) 369-3882 or request a steel building quote.

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