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Custom-Built Metal Building From Topline – St. Louis, MO

Are you looking to have a custom-built metal building constructed for your next commercial project? If so, Topline Steel Buildings is a leading St. Louis, MO, metal building company that’s capable of bringing your vision to life.

You’re able to get one-of-a-kind steel buildings, “built-to-suite,” without having to wait forever. And with the help of custom prefabricated metal building sheets used by Topline Steel Buildings, you can have it up in a third of the time it would’ve taken to build with wood.

Custom Prefabricated Metal Building Jobs Done Right!

If you’re looking to construct one-of-a-kind steel buildings in St Louis, MO, Topline Steel Buildings is your number one solution.

The team has put up steel buildings across the St. Louis region for many commercial clients. Topline even has specific offerings for anyone that requires agricultural steel buildings in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas.

Fast Commercial Steel Buildings for St. Louis Businesses

Commercial construction clients in St. Louis, MO, do not have to wait forever to get everything done. The permits are already figured out, your materials are all in one spot and there’s already a team on-site with unbeatable experience.

The build process is akin to what new, prefabricated residential homes go through when getting constructed. You can find neighborhoods all across North America flooded with such factory-built homes. Yet, such steel buildings are structurally sound and without extensive costs when compared to a traditional build.

You are bound to be happy with a project run by the Topline Steel Buildings team. With wooden buildings, there can all of a sudden be a surprise issue that prevents certain parts of the design from working. However, a steel building is one of the few rare instances where you can know the prototype will look like the real thing.

Nothing Is More Convenient Than Building With Steel

A prefabricated metal building company has all the stuff that’s needed in one spot, which this saves countless hours (if not days) of running around St. Louis for materials. If you assume even a minimum of $30 per hour, there’s still a good $1,000 to be wasted on collecting stuff. Even worse, unlike with metal builds, the cost of dump runs on a wooden building can run well into the thousands.

The sheets used for constructing steel buildings can be shaped before the construction begins to accommodate the placement of doors, windows, and other features. There is no need to do any extensive construction work to make a certain design possible. In fact, the possibilities are endless when you work with prefabricated metal.

Narrow vs. Wide Custom-Built Metal Buildings

Another interesting thing about custom steel buildings is the fact that you can choose between narrow and wide builds. This comes in handy for anyone in the agricultural business, which is why Topline Steel Designs is a staple in the Missouri farming community.

With wood builds, you will be severely restricted, and won’t be able to go over 100-feet per truss. This is not a concern when using prefabricated metal. Instead, you can construct much wider agricultural buildings with steel.

This is just a scratch at the surface of why custom-built metal buildings are so great, and how it’s advantageous over wood. Read “Reasons Why Less Is More With Steel” to find out more about why clients seeking commercial builds feel inclined to use prefabricated steel every single year.

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