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Steel Buildings in Omaha, NE: Why Less Is More

Steel buildings are lightweight, but don’t let their lack of bulk fool you into thinking they’re flimsy. In fact, steel is one of the best construction materials for commercial buildings. Here are a few of the ways in which steel buildings outperform their heavier wooden competitors.

1. Steel Buildings Last Longer

The main advantage of steel buildings is their durability. Whereas wood buildings often succumb to rot, steel structures resist corrosion and often last a lifetime. As a result, investing in a steel building is a very smart financial decision. Don’t believe steel can be so durable? At Topline Steel Buildings, we’re prepared to offer a guarantee on all Omaha, NE, steel buildings; check out the 25-year and lifetime warranties on our website.

2. Steel Buildings Require Very Little Maintenance

Unlike wood, steel doesn’t need to be treated to make it resistant to rot. In fact, you can get away with doing very little maintenance on a steel building. Steel is strong and durable, so it’s unlikely to sustain any damage during daily use. Some steel buildings can even stand up to tornadoes! As a result of the low maintenance needs of steel buildings, you can enjoy more time to spend on the core activities of your business.

3. What You See Is What You Get

When you design a building that perfectly matches your commercial needs and design preferences, it’s disappointing to end up with a structure that doesn’t match your specifications. At Topline Steel Buildings, we understand the desire to get exactly the building you paid for. That’s why we use prefabricated steel panels to construct our buildings. These versatile panels can be used to construct almost any design, and problems during construction that force the engineers to change the design are rare.

4. Rapid Construction Timeline

If speed is your priority, then steel buildings are definitely the best choice. We can construct a steel building in no more than a third of the time it takes to erect a similar structure built of wood. Take a look at our steel building construction timeline to find out exactly what to expect at each stage. Very soon, you could be using your new agricultural steel buildings or storing items in your new steel warehouse.

5. Helpful Support

In our experience with the construction industry in St. Louis, MO, we found that many companies that use wood for their structures have to outsource a lot of the work to other contractors. This can compromise their ability to give strong customer support after the building has been completed. In contrast, Topline manages the vast majority of the construction process in-house, which means we can always answer your questions or help you out if you want to change something about your building.

Ready to Order Your Steel Building?

If you’re ready to create a steel building that can give you many years of service, contact Topline Steel Buildings today. We take pride in constructing steel buildings Omaha, NE, that residents can rely on. Whether you’re looking for commercial or agricultural buildings, prefabricated steel is the best choice to ensure you end up with a building that can satisfy your needs in both the short and long term.

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