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Reasons Why Less Is More With Steel Buildings

Less weight equals more value, or at least that’s the case when you use Topline Steel Buildings in St. Louis, MO to build your structure.

Pre-Fab Steel Has a Much Better Build Quality

The main reason people come to Topline Steel Buildings to satisfy their building needs is because steel is far superior to wood. You can expect your building to last a lifetime and to even be able to sustain tornadoes if needed. Unfortunately, you cannot have any such hopes if you’re building with wood. At Topline, you have warranties ranging from 25 years to a lifetime for different components of the structure that could get damaged. But there aren’t many problems that can come up, and your steel building will need almost no maintenance work at all.

You Have Customer Support That Actually Helps

When you source out steel buildings in St. Louis, commercial construction companies that use wood will be unable to offer extensive customer support after the sale. A lot of the pieces of the puzzle would’ve been outsourced to separate companies and contractors. When the build is done, a steel structure will be easy to give support for because little of the work gets outsourced. Basically, things are more organized at Topline Steel Buildings, which is why you get support you can count on even after you’re done dishing out money. As said by Jesse Blasi, a super satisfied Topline customer, “We called them and any time I had a question or I wanted to change something they got right back to me.”So you won’t ever be told, “Sorry, but we can’t help you at this point.”

It Could Be Cheaper to Build With Steel

While steel is generally more expensive to build with, there are many variables that make it more affordable. First off, you’re getting a structure that’s meant to last for longer than you’ll likely need it. Since there are extensive warranties from Topline Steel Buildings, you can rest assured that you can fix almost any issue without wasting time or money. Yet you’ll be in the red for most of the problems that surface if you’re building with wood.Then you have the added requirements to bring wooden structures up to code. Since wood is combustible, it is a fire risk. This isn’t a concern when building with steel.

Steel Is Really Stronger Than Wood

Don’t get it twisted, there’s no reason to ever think wood is stronger than steel. It’s a common misconception that stems from a true fact: that pre-fab steel homes aren’t as structurally sound as traditional wood-built homes. But when you’re dealing with commercial steel constructions, you’re a lot better off than if you went with wood. Plus, don’t forget that pre-fab steel panels come in many variations. Some are thicker and more durable than others. Topline Steel Buildings uses 26-gauge rib panels, which are safe from leaks and built to withstand against rust and corrosion.

The End Result Is Almost Identical to the Original Design

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for something you didn’t expect to get. With wood builds, there are many problems that can come up. The workarounds for them could sacrifice parts of the build, and most of the time this impacts big features, like where you can put doors, windows and stairs. Meanwhile, there are no such limitations with a steel build. Everything is put together in sections and then compiled as one. The result is a structurally sound building that has all elements in the right places. So what you see in the initial drawings are exactly what you can expect to get.

Get the Project Done in Under a Third of the Time

Topline has direct access to all the materials you’ll need for your structure, so getting permits is child’s play instead of a waiting game. Since everything is also built in a single spot and there’s a lot of automation involved, Topline is able to put up your building in a third the amount of time it would take to build a wooden building. Sometimes Topline is even quicker, but all projects must follow the build timeline Topline Steel Buildings follows. You should read up on it to find out exactly what goes into each build. Prefabricated steel buildings are quick to build, the permits are always easy to get, and there’s a lot of automation in Topline’s builds. This means a steel structure can be put up in a third the amount of time it would take to build a wood building.

Agricultural Steel Buildings St. Louis, MO Farmers Love!

If you’re ever looking for industrial level steel buildings, St. Louis, MO farmers can rest assured that Topline has the solution you need. You were never meant to build agricultural steel buildings with wood. Agricultural wood buildings end up getting stained too often to stay rot-free. While wood does make for a cooler inside in the summer and less cold coming in during the winter, you’re only really wanting a wooden structure if you’re building a stable. Working with a steel frame is also more sensible if you need a really wide agricultural building. If you’re building with wood, your trusses are 100 feet or less. You can go wider than this length when building with steel. So it’s possible to make a much wider opening inside a steel building than a wood one.

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