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Omaha, NE: Versatility of Agricultural Steel Buildings

At Topline Steel, we are passionate about giving the commercial and agricultural markets in Omaha, Nebraska the best steel buildings possible! Our creative team has built and designed churches, retail stores, office space, airplane hangers, riding arenas, strip malls, and much more. However, this doesn’t mean we forgot about our roots. Seventy-five percent of our clients are agricultural farmers. “We provide the farming community with first-class materials for a first-class steel building at maximum value,” says Lucas Hocker, Co-Owner. “It’s Topline’s job to educate agricultural farmers on the best ways to save resources while maximizing efficiency.”

Our agricultural steel buildings are the perfect choice for farmers in Omaha, Nebraska!

Clear Span Design

Traditional pole barns are built with wooden support columns, which wastes interior storage and obstructs a large amount of space. Topline agricultural steel buildings offer “clear span” interiors that are completely free of these inconvenient columns. An unobstructed storage area means you can maximize your space for livestock, hay bales, tools, modern machinery, and more! You also have more room to maneuver large vehicles, rearrange your storage configurations, and work without restricting your movements.

Open Walls

“Roof-only structures are growing in popularity for agricultural steel buildings. Farmers are able to fully customize their building to the unique demands of their farm,” says Jacob Hocker, Co-Owner. “Roof-only structures can be designed with a partially open wall on one or more sides of the building. Depending on your needs, these options are then combined with your choice of clear span interiors, or an interior support column. A lot of farmers also like partially or completely open structures, because it gives them easy-access storage to farm equipment and machinery.”

Better Doors

When it comes to doors, agricultural steel buildings just do it better! Our doors are larger, more functional, and easier to use. They are custom-made to accommodate large vehicles with the help of bi-fold or hydraulic doors for easy access and transportation. Our team will make sure you get the custom doors you need with the right size and operation, so you can increase the efficiency of your farm!

Contact the team at Topline today, so we can start planning your new agricultural steel building. As we always say, “You’re only going to build a massive steel storage unit once in your life. You might as well do it right the first time!”

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