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Sizing-Up Common Metal Building Sizes in De Moines, Iowa

Topline Steel builds structures for De Moines, Iowa of every shape and size imaginable. We are dedicated to supplying customers with custom metal buildings that meet the specific needs of your business. Maybe you need a storage garage for a trucking company? Or perhaps you need a store front or church? Topline Steel Buildings are designed and built to help maximize the production and efficiency of your farm or business!

Steel Building Sizes to Fit the Needs of Any Business

For store fronts, office space and residential garages, Topline Steel offers our 40’ wide steel building. With dimensions available of 60’, 80’ or 100’ long, our 40’ wide steel buildings are the choice for residential and business applications. Our most versatile structure is the Topline 50’ wide steel building with options of 80’ and 100’ feet long. It’s just the right size to perfectly accommodate automotive buildings, agricultural steel buildings, farm shop steel buildings, rental storage buildings, residential/office rooms, and church complexes.

Our 60’ buildings measuring 100’ and 120’ long are often used for metal recreation buildings and mid-size agricultural buildings. In order to accommodate the unique needs of trucking companies, Topline offers state-of-the-art 70’ wide steel garages. Most ranchers and farmers prefer our 80’ wide steel buildings with length options in 100’, 120’, 150’ and 200’. Steel structures of these dimensions are perfect for storing heavy farm machinery, provide easy access to tractors or combines, and offer clear-span space to store other necessities!

Some farms need a little something “extra” to get the job done. Topline Steel is one step ahead of you! Our innovative 100’ steel buildings with length options of 100’, 150’, 200’ and 300’ are the definition of durability and quality. Thanks to these massive structures, farmers and ranchers increase their productivity with endless storage possibilities. Still too small? Topline Steel also offers 150’ wide structures at 300’ long! Contact our expert team today, so we can start planning your new steel structure!

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