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How the Times Have Changed: Prefabricated Metal Buildings for Omaha, Nebraska

When I was a kid, we all worried that the Soviets were going to drop an atomic bomb. We were probably more at risk from the asbestos used in our school building, but no one knew to be worried about it at the time. My ’71 Dodge Monaco in high school got terrible gas mileage at 8-12 miles per gallon. But at least I didn’t break the bank filling it up.

Times passes. The world changes.

Prefabricated metal buildings were also different back then. There was the belief that they all looked the same, or they were unattractive with poor quality. In some cases this was true.

A lot has changed since then and Topline Steel Buildings would love show you how!

We should probably start with some basics. Don’t be put off with the “prefabricated” part of “Prefabricated Metal Buildings.” This just means all the parts are shipped to a construction site where they are put together. It doesn’t mean that every building is the same. It’s quite the opposite! Every steel building is custom made to order to produce a beautiful, modern structure. Technology has transformed the world of prefabricated metal buildings. Think of it this way — do you remember your old, clunky Commodore 64 computer? See that shiny iPod or laptop you’re using to read this blog? See how great technology is?

Our Prefabricated Metal Buildings are made to last a lifetime! Each of our structures meet and exceed building codes across both the United States and most countries in Europe. You can choose from a wide selection of paint colors for panels, trim, and wainscoting. Use our color optimizer and find the perfect combination! How many industries love our steel buildings? Topline steel structures are used for just about everything: churches, athletic facilities, school buildings, modern office space, store fronts, agricultural storage buildings, aircraft hangars, and more! We are proud to offer durable steel buildings that will make America beautiful and strong for the decades and century to come!

Everything changes.

In the present day, my car gets 32 mpg, my kids go to a safe school, and the Soviets have been replaced. My world is different. I’ve also changed my perception of Prefabricated Steel Buildings. I know they are stylish, durable, cost-efficient, and beautiful. Give the experts of Topline Steel a call and see how great we make you look!

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