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Topline Steel 50ft. Wide Prefabricated Metal Buildings for St. Louis, Missouri

If you are a farmer in St. Louis, Missouri, then you have probably invested lot of time and money into creating a productive farm. However, freezing temperatures, wind, rain, hail and mud can destroy valuable machinery, equipment and livestock.

This is why Topline Steel offers prefabricated metal buildings that are made of 100% American Galvalume to last a lifetime!

One of the most popular prefabricated metal buildings offered by Topline Steel is our 50ft wide steel structure. Thanks to the size of these buildings, they can easily be used for trucking storage, churches, automotive storage, storage units, and so much more. They can effortlessly accommodate livestock, tractors, large machinery, and valuable tools. Find the building size that meets the needs of your farm: 50x80x16, 50x100x16, and 50x100x18 (width x length x height).

Now is the time to protect the resources of your farm. Contact Topline Steel Buildings today, so we can start planning your state-of-the-art American made prefabricated steel building!

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