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Sizing-Up Common Metal Building Sizes

Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Maybe you need a new home addition? Or perhaps a steel storage garage for your trucking company? Topline Steel Buildings are made to order with just about every size imaginable to increase the productivity of your business or residency. Metal building sizes range from business storefronts to massive agricultural equipment storage buildings, and everything else in between!

Our Metal Building Sizes are Only Limited by Your Imagination

Topline Steel Buildings uses our 40’ wide steel buildings for a number of residential and business applications. Available with dimensions of 60’, 80’ or 100’ long, our 40’ wide steel buildings are perfect for store fronts, office space and residential garages. Metal building sizes measuring at 50’ wide with length options of 80’ and 100’, are utilized for even more ambitious structures. These slightly larger steel buildings are typically designed for automotive buildings, agricultural steel buildings, farm shop steel buildings, rental storage buildings, residential/office rooms, and church complexes. The limitless uses for the 50’ wide building make it one of our most versatile models.

Metal recreation buildings and mid-size agricultural buildings require a wider width, which tends to be our 60’ buildings measuring 100’ and 120’ long. Most steel buildings for trucking companies require a 70’ width to accommodate easy accessibility for large trucks. The most common metal building sizes for agricultural storage buildings fall in the 80’ wide range with length options in 100’, 120’, 150’ and 200’. These larger buildings make it easy to store heavy farm machinery, provide access to tractors or combines, and supply ample space to store other necessities.

Look no further than Topline Steel if your operation requires something even larger than these metal building sizes because we can do that also! Our 100’ wide steel buildings set the standard for quality agricultural storage. With length options measuring 100’, 150’, 200’ and 300’, you’ll find no end to storage possibilities that increase the productivity of your farm. We even have 150’ wide structures at 300’ long! For more information regarding metal building sizes and custom options, call the expert team at Topline Steel Buildings to find the size that works best for you!

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