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Discover the Different Types of Metal Buildings from Topline Steel Buildings

The diverse expertise of Topline Steel Buildings is proven by the various types of metal buildings we construct for the commercial, residential and public markets. Featuring a wide range of metal buildings that are built to last, our professionals push the boundaries of what steel buildings can accomplish by using high-quality materials and imaginative design!

Topline Steel Offers More Types of Metal Buildings Than Our Competitors

We specialize in constructing commercial steel buildings that are used as distribution and storage facilities to create a multipurpose workspace for your business. Topline Steel’s commercial steel buildings offer maximum space whether you need a storage area for your inventory, or retail space where customers can shop. Our steel buildings for the public market help provide firefighters, EMT’s, police officers and public officials with a safe environment for their secure headquarters, enabling them to excel in their jobs. Topline even constructs energy-efficient school buildings, providing students with the facilities required for a quality education. We value the community and love giving back one steel building at a time!

Recreational steel buildings are another type of metal building that helps enrich the community. These recreational buildings often act as gymnasiums, ice rinks, dance studios, driving ranges, paintball fields, tennis courts and anything else you can imagine! The professionals at Topline Steel Buildings have the ability and experience to design a custom building to meet all of your requirements and then some. Residential steel buildings are used to build home steel garages to keep your vehicles safe. We also construct state-of-the-art work sheds, auto body shops and woodworker warehouses so you have a home base to get your work done. If you need to maximize your living area, Topline Steel also specializes in high-quality room additions with all the amenities of home.

Topline constructs steel storage buildings for military and government facilities, as well as aircraft hangers. Our industrial steel buildings feature huge doors, high-grade insulation, concrete floors, HVAC and other special features to maximize efficiency. Agricultural steel buildings are one of our most common types of metal buildings. These sturdy constructions are completely customizable, featuring window and door options, farm shop office space, and even a kitchenette. The possibilities are endless! Call Topline Steel Buildings and discover the additional types of metal buildings from our professional team!

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