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Topline Steel Buildings Make a Difference

At Topline Steel, our customers are like family. Topline Steel Buildings is proud of making a difference in our customers’ lives and making a difference in the community as a whole.

Topline Steel Buildings Make a Difference Every Day

In Iowa, Dickerson Rental was forced to shutdown due to excessive flooding. It took us three weeks to create a new building instead of the typical six it would’ve taken traditional builders. At the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the newly rebuilt store, the governor of Iowa and local officials attended to show Topline Steel gratitude for getting the business owner back on his feet so quickly.

Topline Steel Buildings make a difference by helping the Hutterite Grassland Colony in Great Falls, Montana. The Hutterites live off the land and asked us to build a massive, all-steel chicken barn. However, chickens are acidic and that doesn’t go well with steel. Topline Steel came up with an innovative solution, while keeping the promise of making a sturdy, long-lasted steel building. The exterior and framing of the 90’ x 300’ building were made completely of steel, but the interior tongue and groove was made from plastic panels that could be power-washed (to clean feathers, egg residue, droppings) without damaging the steel. It was a perfect solution to a complex problem. We also built the Hutterites a Poly-Carbonate Panel Greenhouse with a transparent roof and walls to let in the sunlight. Now they can have a food garden during even the most brutal of winters.

Then there was the First Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS. In 2001, it was a small church that needed to expand. Topline Steel designed a beautiful new church and the congregation erected the building. This church now has five steel buildings complete with overhangs, deep ceilings, and multiple stories. It’s been rewarding to help them build a church they love and to watch it grow and expand. The future of steel buildings is in residential homes. Steel buildings are an economical way of getting a new building without spending a fortune. Topline Steel Buildings make a difference every day by continuing to find ways to better the lives of clients with high-quality style and construction. Contact us today to be next in line for a life changing steel building!

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