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Employee Spotlight: Kim Hocker

When you first walk into the offices of Topline Steel Buildings, you can hear a loud, strong laugh echo throughout the halls. It’s the sound of a man who loves life and his work. Kim Hocker is the “big dog” at Topline Steel Buildings. He’s not only one of the owners (along with sons Lucas and Jacob), he’s also the founder and originator of the company. Kim Hocker started Topline Steel over 30 years ago building Quonset huts in Arkansas City, KS. In 1996, he began specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings and watched the company take off!

Kim Hocker has Been Taking Pride in Constructing Quality Steel Buildings for Over 30 Years

After turning over the management of the company to his sons, Kim now concentrates primarily on sales. Kim Hocker is a straight-shooter and he means business, but he’s also welcoming with a good sense of humor. It’s a combination that serves him well in his passion for sales. “The Sales Board at Topline Steel is pretty competitive,” says Kim, “and sometimes the big dog has to come in and show them how it’s done.” And Kim is a man of his word. According to Jacob, Kim is in the top 1% of salesmen in the entire country. Kim’s also a team player and assigns leads to the rest of the Topline sales team. What he enjoys most about sales, however, is meeting and talking with new people.

“At Topline we sell products we’re proud of,” says Kim. “If I wouldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t sell it.”  Topline Steel Buildings is a family business, and Kim extends that feeling to everyone who comes in contact with the company. Most clients come from referrals, because of the way Topline Steel steps up and solves problems for customers. It’s also Topline’s job to educate clients on quality. Kim likens it to, “selling a Cadillac at Chevy prices.” Topline doesn’t cut corners in the steel building industry, and provides first class products with unmatched customer service. “Everyone wants business, but not everyone wants to work for it. We want to work for your business.” Give Kim a call and find out for yourself the way he does business!

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