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Invest in Steel, Invest in Your Future

A commercial steel building is a smart investment in any new venture. The commercial market can be a difficult undertaking for anyone, and most of us have learned this the hard way.

The market for steel buildings is in high demand.  The cost and time of typical construction can cause financial set back for any company. Topline’s Steel Buildings are fully customizable with many different steel building sizes and can be set up much quicker then most commercial buildings.

Prefab Steel Buildings for Distribution Facilities 

Topline specializes in creating versatile workspaces and building kits from 100% American made steel. Our advanced technology and superior materials allow us to construct column free steel buildings. Our steel building sizes vary greatly; limitless length with widths of up to 200 feet! Fully customizable, Topline designs allow you to tailor lighting, windows, doors, insulation, building color, and more to create your ideal facility.

Steel Frame Buildings – Retail Space 

Topline creates smart, fully customizable building kits to meet the unique needs of your retail store. Made of 100% American steel, our buildings meet or exceed all US and European building codes. Topline Steel Buildings allow for an abundance of space at a fraction of the cost. Each building is backed by a 25 year warranty.

Metal Storage Buildings 

Topline Steel Buildings allows you to build smart storage. Our prefab steel building kits offer you maximum space, speedy construction, and a 25 year warranty all at a price significantly lower than conventional wood, brick, or block buildings.

Help the future of your commercial business today, and invest in a Topline Steel Building. Call 1-800-369-3882 for a free quote today!


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