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Protecting Aircraft with the Power of Steel—Aircraft Hangar from Topline

Whether you want to store your personal Cessna, to upgrade the hangar for your company helicopter, or to upgrade your storage capacity for a fleet of commercial jets, you want someone who knows your needs to help with the construction of your next hangar. At Topline Steel Buildings, we can help. We make it our business to help both hobby fliers and the aircraft industry.

When researching your aircraft hangar options, there are a few key questions of concern to nearly all parties. What about the…
…Durability? Everything Topline builds is absolutely built to last. Hangars included. We meet and exceed building codes for every US state, a number of European nations, Mexico and Canada. We understand the strains wind and snow can put on a structure. In addition to roofing and walls, we fully understand how essential it is to count on proper door operation for safety and convenience.

…Size? Virtually limitless. Not exaggerating. For a quality hangar, you need column-free space. Our hangars can be built up to 200 feet in width and limitless in length. How? Solid use of cutting edge technology paired with the strongest steel on the planet.

…Potential for customization? Again, the only real limit here is what you want to do. Need more doors or bigger doors? We can do that. Want to build office spaces inside the hangar? We can do that. Want a different exterior finish—something to set it apart, like brick, glass, stucco or stone? We can do that too.
You’ve invested a lot in your aircraft. When you build your next aircraft hangar, you don’t want to do on-the-job-training. You don’t have the time; it won’t provide you with any peace of mind; and, the potential for delay and disappointment are simply too great.

At Topline, we’ve got the experience, the product, and the people to help you put up a durable, customized aircraft hangar that will fit your needs for now and for the years to come.

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