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Prefabricated Metal Buildings—How the Times Have Changed

In high school, my ’71 Dodge Monaco got 8-12 miles per gallon. Not great, but you could afford to fill the tank. I attended school in a building that made use of asbestos. None of us knew to be worried. And, as a child, I experienced the overarching fear that the Soviets were going to invade.

Times change. The world moves on.

Back then, there was also the perception that Prefabricated Metal Buildings all looked the same. That the quality was substandard. That they were ugly. And, there may have been some truth to those beliefs at the time.

At Topline Steel Buildings, we’d love to take a minute to look at the world of steel buildings as they exist today.

First, the basics. Prefabricated Metal Buildings simply refers to a building that will have the pieces shipped to the site and constructed there. It does not mean one-size-fits-all or that it can’t be customized. Technological advances changed every aspect of Prefabricated Metal Buildings. Think back to the Commodore 64 you once had on your desk; now, look at the IPAD you’re reading this article on… It’s like that.

Our Prefabricated Metal Buildings meet and exceed building codes for every US state and many European Nations. Our Prefabricated Metal Buildings come with a wide variety of paint options for panels, trim, and wainscoting (and, you can see how your options match on our color optimizer!). Our Prefabricated Metal Buildings become beautiful churches; become comfortable, energy-efficient athletic facilities; become schools and government buildings; become homes for aircraft, for collectable cars, for the auto bays and for tractor storage. In short, the structures from Topline Steel Buildings will be making America both beautiful and strong for the decades and century to come.

Change brings both loss and growth.

Today, my car gets 32 mpg, my children attend a safe school, and the international landscape has radically evolved. My world is different. So also is my understanding of Prefabricated Steel Buildings. Cost-efficient, beautiful and strong—visit Topline Steel Buildings on the web today. See how much has changed. See how great we can make you look.

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